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Pacific Broadcasting Service. A Non-Profit Corporation

Voice of Hawaii is dedicated to promoting and preserving Hawaiian Culture and Arts through education. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation with studios and offices located in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. The EIN number for Pacific Broadcasting Service, our parent organization, is: 41-2068996. All monetary gifts to this organization are tax deductable. Please read our mission statement on the "Ohana Page". Mahalo!

Since 1996

GOOD NEWS TO HAWAIIAN HITS LIVE! FANS WORLDWIDE! We are now in the process of re-organizing our board of directors and our goal is to resume broadcasting at the beginning of 2010. We are stuggling right now with trying to raise enough funds to re-establish our relationships with the royalty companies and our bandwidth providers. I hope to have more news of our rebirth in a few weeks. If you can help please e-mail LD Reynolds right away! If you live in Hawaii, be on the look out for Voice of Hawaii fund raising events in your area. Also check back here periodically for updates on the Ohana page. Mahalo!

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